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Posted: 05/08/2020

Posted: 05/08/2020

  • President’s Message
  • Raffling Off Two Brand New Boats!......................................
  • During COVID-19 Pandemic: the Sailing Community Comes Together
  • A Different Vista
  • Building A Fleet at Clinton Lake
  • Return of the Flying Scot NERD
  • Flying Scot Sailing with the Special Olympics
  • GWBR Photo Gallery.
  • Taking A Flyer.
  • What’s in a Name?… The Whatchamacallit
Posted: 02/21/2020
  • President’s Message
  • The Birth of the Flying Scot
  • Old Sails Breathe New Life
  • 2019 Women’s NAC at Massapoag Yacht Club – Fun for All Ages
  • New England District Report
  • A Fond Look Back at the Wife-Husband Regatta in Dallas
  • Cedar Point, Sprite Island, and Candlewood Yacht Clubs to host the 2020 NACs
  • What’s in a Name?… Sometimes it’s Math
  • Midwinter Championships Coming to Fort Walton
  • Gets a Facelift
Posted: 12/03/2019
  • President’s Message
  • Longevity Of The Flying Scot
  • Wife-Husband at the Corinthian Sailing Club
  • Stress Free Racing - How to Revive a Sailing Fleet
  • IT WAS A MIRACLE: 2019 Scot-A-Hoochee Regatta
  • They Came, They Sailed (a little), They Partied
  • It’s George’s Birthday and YOU’RE invited!
  • What’s in a Name?… LIFT!
  • In Memoriam: Robert “Bob” James Neff, 1940–2019
  • Love Prevails at the Wife-Husband Championship
Posted: 10/02/2019
  • President’s Message
  • Once Upon A Burgee
  • 2019 Fontelieu One Design Regatta
  • 2019 NAC at Pensacola Yacht Club – A Great Sailing Venue with Lots of Nice People!
  • 2019 NAC at Pensacola Yacht Club Photos
  • Greater NY District Championships Photos
  • What’s in a Name? Boat naming: Sing a Song of Sixpence
  • Reflections on the Wife/Husband Regatta 2018
Posted: 07/09/2019
  • President’s Message
  • Wisdom of the Ages – A 1964 interview with Sandy Douglass
  • Report from the Chief Measurer
  • A Pensacola Primer
  • My History as a Scot Owner and the Day I Really Learned to Sail
  • What’s in a Name?…Boat Names from Another Shore
  • Scots on the Rez in Art