FSSA Class Rules

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Flying Scot Sailing Association Class Rules, including Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, Official Plan, and Sail Measurement.

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Latest Bylaw Change:

The Revision dated 6-17-2024 Article B-X.1 to revise the Midwinter Championship to include an
option for a three day event.

Latest CMR Change(s):

The Revision dated 10-16-2023 reflects the addition of CMR 89 approved by the Board of Governors.

Latest Consitution Change(s):

The Revision dated 7-26-2022 reflects changes approved by the membership at the NAC annual meeting in North Cape, MI:

  • Article II: Revised to state that the objective of FSSA is to promote all forms of sailing (such as cruising), not just racing.
  • Article IX: Revised to eliminate conflicts between membership categories, to list in detail exactly what the requirements and privileges are for each type of membership, to combine Sponsor and Sustaining membership categories into a single Affiliate category because they are essentially similar, and to make the article clearer and more readable.
  • Article X.1.b: Revised to give the First Vice-President the responsibility for coordinating all national-level sanctioned racing events.
  • Article XVIII: Revised to delineate the voting rights of Club members, and to limit Club member votes to the number of Flying Scots owned by the Club.
  • Article XX: Revised to clarify who can initiate changes, the responsibilities of all the parties involved (Fleet Captains, Amendments Committee, Measurement Committee, Board of Governors, and Executive Committee), and the voting procedure. It specifically allows review (but not formal approval) of Bylaw changes by the Executive Committee, because that committee can provide useful input. Unnecessary sub-paragraphs and confusing or superfluous words have been deleted. Paragraph 9 replaces previous paragraph 5, to better organize this Article.

Latest Bylaw change(s):

The Revision dated 1-24-2023 reflects changes approved by the Board of Governors in January 2023:

  • General changes:  The word “must” was changed to “shall” wherever it occurred.  Also, the words “helmsman” and “helmsperson” were changed to “skipper” wherever they occurred; also the plurals.  Also, the phrase “he/she” was changed to “their” wherever it occurred.
  • Article B-VII.2:  The first paragraph is a relocation of previous Constitution Article XX.9.  The second paragraph is a relocation of Bylaw Article VIII.6.b.  Reference to “Invitational” events was deleted, and this Article now applies to all events (not just sanctioned events).
  • Article B-VII.5:  A new second sentence was added to require that only sails whose sailmakers have paid a royalty fee to the FSSA (as indicated by a marking on the sails) shall be used in FSSA races.
  • Article B-VII.7.c:  Revised to require that advertising and sailmaker logos conform to the World Sailing Advertising Code.
  • Article B-VIII.1:  Revised to clarify Sanctioned Events and to specify who does the sanctioning.
  • Article B-VIII.6.a and c:  Revised to delete the requirement that FSSA dues must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to registering for a sanctioned regatta.
  • Article B-IX.5.d:  Revised to clarify that the NAC qualification series is 3 races, not 2 races; and that the number of races per day is at the discretion of the PRO.
  • Article B-IX.6.a:  Revised for consistency with the change to B-VIII.6.a.
  • Article B-X.2:  Revised for internal consistency and to eliminate a redundancy.
  • Article B-X.4:  Revised to state the preferred format for the Womens’ NAC, and to clarify that the PRO has the discretion to determine the number of races each day.


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