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Posted: 12/07/2021
  • 2021 Capital District Championship
  • The NERD is Back – and it was FUN!
  • Tropical Storm Henri, (aka Hurricane Henri), Decided to Visit the 2021 Wife-Husband Regatta
  • The Glow 2021
  • Our Flying Scot Odyssey
  • Save the Date! George Washington Birthday Regatta
  • Back to Saratoga!
  • Looking for Wind
  • Midwest District Has a New Governor
  • A Tribute to Robert McNeill
  • Can You Believe It? 24 Boats at the 2021 Women’s NAC!
Posted: 09/14/2021
  • President’s Message
  • Debbie Cycotte Named FSSA Historian Emeritus
  • The NACs at Cedar Point
  • Awards Presented at the 2021 NAC at Cedar Point in Westport, CT
  • The Best Yet: Women’s NAC at Deep Creek
  • NAC Photo Spread
  • Governor's Cup Report
  • Greater New York Districts
  • The View from the Front: 2021 North American Championship Regatta
  • Fear Conquered in the Waves
  • Meet Dave Safirstein
Posted: 07/01/2021
  • President’s Message
  • From The Editor
  • A Pandemic Boat Story
  • Regatta Reports - Florida District Series 2020-2021
  • From the pages of Scots n' Water - 40 Years Ago
  • Meet Anne Boleyn
  • The DAUGTHER of a Son of a Son of a Sailor
  • What’s in a Name?
Posted: 04/27/2021

President’s Message
Florida Regatta Report
Moriches Yacht Club Is Back on the Sailing Map
2021 George Washington Birthday Regatta at Lake Eustis Sailing Club
Pymatuning Fleet Is Growing
Centerboard Between the Extremes
How I Created a Freak (Contrivance)
What’s in a Name?

Posted: 02/19/2021
  • President’s Message
  • Where There’s a Will 2020 Atlantic Coast Championships
  • New Kids on the Dock - Flying Scot Fleet 211
  • Inside a Top Racer’s Mind - The Jeff Penfield Regatta
  • How “Old Blue” became “Déjà Blew”
  • In Memory of Mary Meno
  • What’s in a Name?