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Fort Walton Yacht Club is hosting the 2020 FS Midwinters from 3/22/2020-3/26/2020.

Registration is open at


SO it's winter up north but there's lots going on in Florida. If you're missing sailing, just pack up your boat and join them!  SOme of these events have already gone by, but there's still several more events coming up between now and May 2020. Don;t miss out!


2019CSC1 2019CSC2
219CSC3 2019CSC4
2019CSC5 2019CSC6

Fleet 23 at the Corinthian Sailing Club in Dallas, Texas, hosted their 46th Annual Open House Regatta on October 18-20, 2019.  There were 38 boats on the line, 24 Championship, 9 CHallenger and 5 Non-spinnaker - what a great turnout! The theme of the Saturday night party was Havana nights it was a great time for everyone,.

Bill Draheim and Jeff Perna took first place honors, Kelly and Heid Gough were second and Griffin Orr and his Dad Jim Orr were third in the Championship Division. The Challenger Division was won by Dari Esfahani and Joann and the Non-spinnkaer DIvision was won by Jason Treadway and Helene Futch. Full results are here.



There is sad news in the Flying Scot community thiis week. Bob Neff, our Chief Measurer from 1991 to 2018 passed away on Octover 1, 2019, at age 79.Bob leaves behind his wife Mary Ellen, daughter Lorie, sons Daniel and David, and six grandchildren. 

Bob was dedicated to the sport of sailing for many years, and joined the Flying Scot family in 1979 when he and his wife Mary Ellen purchased their first Flying Scot to sail with their family. Bob's family opened a marina for Flying Scots on the Chesapeake Bay in 1987 that is now owned by his son David. 

Then in 1991 Bob began his 27 year stint as Flying Scot Chief Measurer, ensuring the class measurement rules were kept fair for all competitors. This has kept our boat value high and our older boats competitive with newer boats!

He is described by many as a pillar and stalwart of the Flying Scot Class,  Bob's cintribution to the class is immeasurable and he will be sorely missed by all or us.

You can read his online obituary here.

 Bob1  Bob2


2019Glow32 2019Glowlv
32 boats on the line! Linda Vitt and Peg Woodworth
2019GloMM 2019Glowgames
Mark and Michele Taylor's new spinnaker for M&M Bronson Bowling and Bruce Kitchen as they waited for wind

There were 32 boats on the line on Saturday, 9/28/2019, at the Glow in the Dark Regatta at Clinton Lake, IL. The RC tried to be patient but it was not to be and the boats did not race that day. There may not have been wind but there was loads of camaraderie. On shore, there was a firece board game in proress betweeen Bronson Bowling and Bruce Kitchen as they waitied for wind (we were not told who won!)..

On Sunday, there was enough wind to get in 2 races in for the 22 Championship Division teams and the 10 Challenger Division teams. After the two races, Championship winners were Ryan Malgren and Stacey Rieu  and Challenger winners were Linda Vitt and Peg Woodworth. FUll resuolts are here.