It's a Wrap! Clinigatta Livestreaming July 12-14


It's a wrap! Yesterday's livestream was a fun experiment as we proved we can live stream regatta action. We learned a lot and had fun as we hoped to collect teaching footage for an upcoming zoom or livestream clinic we'll announce in the coming days where David Ames will do a zoom clinic. Special thanks to Ward Paxton for loaning us his backyard and upgrading his internet to make this possible. Thanks to Paul and Krystal Stegmaier of Stegmaier Photography who made the trip and sacrificed a Mavic 3 to the drone gods after it inexplicably fell out of the sky just before we went live. Thanks to the regatta organizers Dave Gorwitz and Grace O'Hare for supporting the effort in a big way. Thanks to Tyler Andrews, Bruce and Lynn Kitchen, Kevin and Kendall Kunz, Amy Linton, Stacey Reiu, and Mark Taylor for chiming in, and thanks to everyone who tuned in and commented. Last but not least, thanks to Peter Sobol who offered to do drone repair. Hope everyone will tune in to the zoom clinic that we'll be announcing soon.


Update Saturday 9:15am: Fast moving thundercell might hit at 10am, might delay the start of racing by a few minutes, but should pass by quick. We're still in business..might need to delay live stream 20-30 minutes if its pouring on us...

Update Saturday 6am: All systems are go for the Clinigatta Livestream! If the weather projection is correct, the winds are supposed to gradually fill in to 7-10.  Tyler from Flying Scot Inc and NAC champs Jeff and Amy Linton (from Mark Taylor's couch) will be participating in the livestream. Winds are supposed to build gradually so hopefully we have good wind by the 10:30am start time.  Livestream will start at 10am.  

Ahoy Flying Scot Sailors!

You are invited to join us as we film the Clinicagatta at Lake Monona in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. We'll be livestreaming multiple drone feeds as experienced racers provide commentary and answer questions LIVE on the FSSA YouTube channel. We encourage you to stop by and say hello and bring your questions and comments. Have a question on the racing rules? Tactics? Sailing photography? We're just having fun and we thought it would be even more fun if you joined us so we encourage everyone to engage with our team.  If the weather cooperates, we'll be collecting great footage of teaching moments that we hope to use for a follow-up live stream clinic in the weeks following the Clinigatta, so stay tuned.  

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Livestream Schedule

Friday July 12 1:00pm CT - Livestream Clinic 

Saturday July 13 10:00am CT - Livestream Racing 

Sunday July 14 10:00am CT - Weather Backup

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