Cradles for inverted Flying Scot


Stafford, Virginia
United States

Made for my Flying Scot so that I could invert the boat and repair the balsa core on my aft deck. They are solidly built and I used expanding foam to create perfectly fitting cradles that support the deck to prevent any pressure points and deck distortion. 

Pictures available upon request. 

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Sorry Posted in wrong place

SVMonNeg's picture

Sorry posted in wrong place

It looks like I also need to do a repair to my aft deck. I wonder if we could chat about what you did? My name is Dave and you can email me at dkuechen at gmail do net


Sorry about the goof... It's dkuechen at gmail dot com

-- Dave

I am going to paint the bottom of my 1975 Flying Scot before I put it in the water for my first sail.  The trailer rollers prevent me from getting to all the bottom.  If I push it off on the ground should I be able to pull it back on the trailer or should I rig some type of elevated support and paint under that?