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Assuring the Future of Flying Scot® Sailing 

Welcome to the Flying Scot Foundation page.  The Flying Scot Sailing Association has established The Flying Scot Foundation to allow members and friends to make tax-deductible gifts and bequests of lasting significance that will help assure the long-term viability and vitality of the Flying Scot® class. This is your opportunity to give back to an organization that has enriched your life. Consider the years of enjoyment that you’ve had from your Flying Scot. Reflect on the support and organization the FSSA has provided during that time. Without FSSA, Scots n’ Water, the website, racing, day sailing, and maybe even the wonderful camaraderie would not have been the same. Think of the friends you’ve met on the water. Now is the time to help guarantee that your children and grandchildren can make their own special Flying Scot memories.  You can access our Charter here and the Board information here

FSSA has had over 60 years of success and the Flying Scot is one of the strongest One Design classes in the country. Your contribution will help keep FSSA going forward, promoting the sport and the class. Each donation helps assure a successful future.   A vital reason for your positive response is that FSSA needs your support.  Our annual budget supports planned expenses but we need money for special projects that annual dues can’t cover to assure that we remain a strong class association.   Past FSSA President Dan Goldberg, summed it up nicely: “I want to donate to the Flying Scot Foundation because Scot sailing has had a major, positive impact on my life. I want to give something back.”


  • The General Fund is for special projects that include enhancing our media presence, recruiting new members, replacing or repairing trophies, and supporting our Fleets and District Governors. To apply for a grant - More information here
  • The Fund for Education will support sailing schools that use Flying Scots for adult education to bring new sailors into FSSA. Apply for a grant - More information here

The latter component has three aspects: a Sail Donation Program; a Speakers' Bureau; and a program known as "Scots in Schools".  If you are interested in applying for funding from the Foundation, please use the correct application form. These application forms have been tailored to the programs so that you will provide the information we need to make a funding decision without having to provide information that is not relevant.


You can contribute to the Foundation at any time by donationg to the General Campaign using the form attached below.  You can also add a donation to your cart when you are renewing your FSSA membership.  You can see a list of the Donors to Date here..  The following types of gifts may be made:

  • Gifts of Cash: A monetary gift during a person's lifetime is a great way to go. These gifts can be made directly or on behalf of another person. Just send a check made out to the Flying Scot Foundation to Flying Scot Foundation, One Windsor Cove, Suite 305, Columbia, SC, 29223 - or you may donate online here 
  • Gifts of Marketable Securities and Investment Real Estate: Gifts of securities that have appreciated or real estate held for investment purposes often benefit the donor more than gifts of cash. When such items are donated, the donor receives a deduction equal to the current market value of the security or real estate. Generally, the excess of the market value over the donor’s cost basis is not taxed. Often it can be more advantageous to donate substantially appreciated items than to sell them and pay Capital Gains tax.
  • Gifts through Wills: Remembering The FSSA and The Flying Scot Foundation in your will is another method of giving. Such a gift may be deductible in calculating estate taxes. Provisions for the gift may be included in the body of the will or by adding a simple codicil. If you desire to establish a memorial gift within The Flying Scot Foundation, or to specify the purpose of the gift, this may be done by so stating in the provisions of the will. Contributions to the Flying Scot Foundation are deductible for federal income tax purposes because the FSSA is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). These tax laws make giving to The Flying Scot Foundation a beneficial philanthropic act. Please consider planning a donation to the Flying Scot Foundation, always informed, of course, by appropriate legal and financial
  • Donating Stock: The Flying Scot Foundation has chosen DONATE STOCK to handle gifts of appreciated stocks. This outfit serves over 2,000 non-profit organizations. Click here to go directly to the Donate Stock website. Click here to read a step by-step tutorial of how to donate your stock (strongly advised).
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