Twenty two boats registered for the 2024 Egyptian Cup at Lake Carlyle in Illinois. Look here to see how the Kunz brothers mixed it up with PJ Buhler skippering their boat and Kendall crewing and David Ames crewing for Kevin!



North American Championship Housing notice

There are still 3 bedroom apartments available for the FS NACs at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT. The units have 5 beds (2/2/1), one bath, a kitchenette and a shared living area. 

Renters would need to bring their own linens for standard twin beds, towels, pillows, toiletries, etc. Think of everything you might bring if you went camping but instead of a tent it's a campus dorm apartment with a roof, walls and running water, shower and enclosed toilet!

The cost is $800/week per unit and each unit can house 5 people....

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Flying Scot NAC’s are coming to Cedar Point YC soon….

Flying Scot NAC

June 24 – 27, 2024


Saturday and Sunday June 22 and 23, measurement and check in.

Monday racing starts. Pizza Truck and annual meeting

Tuesday racing continues. Lobster Dinner

Wednesday racing continues....

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By Sandy Eustis, Fleet 193                    NOTE: Click on the artilce title to scroll thought more photos

21 Teams representing 7 regional Flying Scot fleets and a single New York team came to South Carolina’s Blue Ridge upstate corner for Fleet 193’s annual Grits ‘n Haggis Regatta, held on Lake Keowee on May 18 & May 19, 2024.  Although the weekend weather forecast called for a 75%+ chance of rain on both days, the slow rolling front passed through with overnight storms only. Three races were held on both Saturday and Sunday in overcast conditions; there was no rain, but...

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