Some Cruising Offerings in 2021 for Flying Scot Sailors!


Flying Scot Sailors, let's go cruising!

Whether you're a Scot sailor who loves to sail but not race, or a racer who would like to have a great time sailing leisurely on some northern US lakes. we are offering two different choices for cruising events in 2021. One is in the beautiful blue water lakes of Northern Michigan and the other is on beautiful Lake Champlaon in Vermont. Our New Cruising committee has worked diligently to plan these events and we know that many of you have been looking for these kinds of neat sailing opportunities, We hope to be offering more of these cruising events in the future. We hope that lots of you can make it even for some of the days!

For more information on the trips and contact information for each:

September 3-10, 2021 in Michigan click here

September 12-21, 2021 in Vermont  click here

Have fun!