There's always tomorrow...

Well, the wind just doesn't want to quit. We waited patiently all day for a little lull from the 20-23 mph or so that was whistling by the club. Finally at about 2 Judy Hanlon decided it was dropping and we all trooped out. It was a lovely 11 knots or so as we arrived at the line and as the race committee set up. But it was a trick. After about 10 or 15 minutes the wind cranked up again, just as high as yesterday. Still, we were all game, but the committee boat anchor refused to hold. They had one line, two lines, three lines and then a fourth and still the boat slid downwind. After trying for another 30 minutes, with the wind building, race committee called it a day. Still, it was a lovely sail in. Docking, on the other hand, with all 55 boats coming in at the same time, was ... an adventure!

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