Lintons win the 2021 GWBR on a very blowy day!


From Ariel Harrington on Facebook on Sunday 2/21: To say that it blew like stink would be an understatement. A few boats turned back before the start of the first race and the rest of us dummies went for it! It was keep the boat upright and sort of head in the direction of the weather mark. We watched as a few teams showed their brass by raising their spinnakers and heading downwind. We decided to keep heading upwind which was in the direction of the club.

From Amy Smith Linton on Facebook on Sunday 2/21: Thanks Arial Harrington and the generous rest of the gang at Friends and Family of LESC for another wonderful George Washington regatta.  Great to see our Flying Scot gang, great to get around some fresh oysters at the The Oyster Troff, and just wonderful to spend a weekend on the water. Thank you!

From John Cole on Facebook Sunday 2/21: It got a bit wild and wooly out on Lake Eustis this morning and afternoon.  The first, and only, race was Abandoned shortly after the fastest boats made it to the first windward mark and headed down wind.  Several boats were overpowered by some surprisingly strong gusts of wind.  We quickly picked up our powerboat's anchor so that we could move from our position at the windward mark and be ready to offer any assistance that was needed.  I was able to snap off a few photos of the action at the windward mark.  We then towed in two of the boats that had become swamped and unable to sail.  Randall Moring, the owner and captain of our power boat, did an outstanding demonstration of boat handling and seamanship today.

Great photos on Facebook from John Cole:

Saturday photos

Sunday photos

Awards photos

Click on the title to see the full attached results. Congrats to the Lintons and all the winners! Thanks to Atial Harrington for another great event