To Non-Skid or NOT?

I have a race rigged Scot (Seat Cleats, under deck Spinn Sheets) with clean side decks.  I am debating on adding non-skid to the side decks.  
Pro's?  Cons?  Other than  1 inch strips where helmsman and crew sit, has anyone gotten creative with configuration?Pictures welcome.
FS 5846

I find that the ability to scooch around and shift weight on the slightly slippery deck works well.  I know if I put non skid on that section, it would be harder to move, and would be more wear on your sailing paints.
if you are sliding in, from the boat heeling too much, I would add more vang, and let the main sheet out earlier as a puff hits.  If the boat rolls over far enough to slide in, youve gone past the point where the boat has basically rolled over and died, in terms of speed.
On the other hand, Mike Noone who was a spark plug of our fleet, and a great sailor, had lots of non-skid on his boat.  To each his own.

Good points.  Thank you.

FS5516's picture

I thought of doing the same as last year I waxed and polished 5516. Looks great but slippery when it gets wet, stupid me. I recently bought 1" non skid tape then came across a roll of 18"x 36"  non skid padding that can be cut to shape and sticked onto the deck. I saw a boat from Florida with something similar several years ago and thought I it would give it try.
Will let you know how it worked out in a few months.

Thank you,  Same issue- professional job did it anyway.