Wanted: Old Style Motor Mount

Looking for a motor mount for a hull 23XX hull, "old" style. If you have one or information on having one made, please let me know. 

I may have what you need.  Mine has the U shaped bracket on the boat and the detachable mount to which the motor attaches.  I have removed mine.  Reply with email and I can send a picture.Phil

Thank you.  The four bolts on my transom are in a square pattern, so the "u" shape does not sound right, but send a pic and I will have a look.Not my boat, but it looks like this: http://sailingtexas.com/201009/sflyingscot137.html philsimonson@gmail.comPhil 

Mine had 3 bolts, one at each endand one in the bottom of the U. 

I have the old style mount but not the horseshoe shaped bracket. I would like to purchase the horseshoe bracket or be willing to sell the part to which the motor attaches if unable to obtain the horseshoe bracket.

Can you send a picture of your piece? I'm interested in purchasing 

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Reach out to me at 4 seven 0 - six zero two - four 8 1 zero

Regards,  Jude  FS887