Intensity sails ?

Trying to do a search on the site for info on Intensity Sails. I remember reading a lot of input a few months back but cannot find ANYTHING now.

Any help ?


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I've tried that. Try it and you'll see nothing shows up...

After trying that several times - same search "INTENSITY" - it just populated ?! Weird !

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We had a sailor at CPYC race his boat all last summer with the Intensity Sails. Perhaps seeing my post he'll comment on them. In my opinion, they're great for cruising or club racing. I'm not sure how they do on a higher scale of racing. Marvin care to comment???

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Don't Panic

Thanks for the replies. I like the price tag of the Intensity sails and am too much of a novice to know the nuances of a good sail. As much as like the price, I want to hear 'the good, bad and ugly' on them and any other sail.

I know the 'big sailmakers' make good stuff, but the price tags on the sails is way to much for my budget. I am a cruiser - not a racer and want a fast, durable, forgiving sail. My only experience has been with a loose rig and Schurr sails.

Ignorance is truly bliss !

Anybody else want to chime in here ?

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If you can wait, many sails go for a 10-15% sale price in November since price is an issue. every little bit helps.


Our club bought four sets 2 years ago to be used in our lesson & club racing programs. They've held up fairly well with no problems.

I raced with the sails this past summer. I found the sails to be well made and the cloth to be much different from that the of other "name" lofts. I did have to change out the battens. The supplied battens where way to stiff. The batten issue has been pointed out to Intensity and I am sure a fix will happen. For the price, the sails were a great buy! But they are not competitive in regattas with the "name" brand sails. So use for "club" racing and/or day sailing.

Thanks all !


"I found the sails to be well made and the cloth to be much different from that the of other "name" lofts. "

Did you mean NOT that much different or different ?


The cloth is a heavier gauge and softer the other bands. However, it held up very well and I will be using them this season.

Thx all. I opted to have my older sails re-conditioned this year. I have a lot of $ going out in the resto - maybe next year for new sails.

I like the price of the intensity sails - A LOT ! But, a few things that I was unsure of was the 'racing' design of the sail. I do not race and only cruise around. Did not know what mods I'd have to make to my rig to adapt the sail. Also, I wanted a reef put in as it gets very windy here, sometimes in shallow water ( creatiing a lot of weather helm ) and I single-hand a lot...

My goals in buying a sail are:

DURABLE, FAST & as INEXPENSIVE as possible...

I just received my Intensity Sails. I don't know much about Sail technology (actually, pretty much nothing), but they seem pretty nice to me. I checked the websites of a bunch of sail makers and the gauge of cloth seems to fall pretty much in the middle of the spread. There seems to be a pretty good variety out there as far as that goes.

I see a bunch of comments on Intensity Sails from 2011, but wanted to see if anyone has any more recent experience with these sails. I am day sailing only and wondered if these are good sails for that purpose. The price is certainly good. Thank you.