Jib Sheet Length 2:1

I need to order new jib sheets for the GF...she has a hard time trimming the last couple of inches. Does anyone want to share the length of the 2:1 jib sheets?



The easiest thing to do is contact Dee/Harry at Flying Scot. They can sell you the correct type of line, the correct length and the additional hardware you will need. You will be supporting the class and help keeping our builder in business. Flying Scot also provides detail instructions on installations that are probably not needed for your installation but good to have for others. Remember to connect the line at the block to the track per class rules. Dave FS 5690

I am trying to purchase cordage that they don't carry.

I think it's 21 feet for each sheet.

My crew [wife] prefers one continuous jib sheet. She trained in Olympic 470s long ago and learned that a continuous sheet allows her to always have have both port and starboard sheets in hand as they are the same line. It makes for less spaghetti in the cockpit as the tail of one side crosses the boat and goes out the other side. The 2:1 ends are tied to the Harken air block center on the track.

She also prefers 1:1 conventional jib sheets up to about 18 knots of true wind as she can get the sail trimmed faster when tacking [less line to pull]. And we tie the ends of the 1:1 sheets together in the cockpit so when reaching for one, she gets both. This makes it the skipper's [my] responsibility to set up the proper jib trimming system for that particular day's conditions before leaving the dock as we don't change at sea and we don't carry both systems or convert the 2:1 to 1:1. Unless a blow is predicted we usually are 1:1.

We also use a single continuous spinnaker sheet which makes jibing easier for me as I can have both sheet and guy in one hand.

As for lengths, sorry, haven't a clue as the boat is covered in snow currently.