Cubby's under the bow?

Hey all,

I'm a new owner of FS 907 built in 1966. So far, I have found her to be a wonderful boat. I will be re-coring the sole - but overall, she is in good condition.

But under the foredeck, on each side, are what appear to be drawer channels with a small stop block The drawer "slides" are made of fiberglass and appear to part of the original construction.

I have looked to see if I could find any pics online but came up empty.

Does anyone have any ideas if in fact these are "drawer slides" or what they are for? They would be great to keep small things from rolling around but still handy.


Flying Scot #907


If they are on the underside of the foredeck, they would be for the two bins that mount on each side (port and starboard).
These are standard Rubbermaid bins that have had a hole cut in one end for access. Available at any Target store.

Call Flying Scot Inc. @ 1-800-864-7208 They have everything you need and can give you information that will help with your restoration.

I have replaced the bins on my Scot. Flying Scot has the bins (they are around $7 I believe). The newer style bins have edges that need to be trimmed to fit on the older Scots. Again the people at Flying Scot are great and can provide all the details. The bins are great for small items - I keep bungees and a spare winch handle there.

FS 2711