Hoist Storage

I am planning to keep our scot on a hoist, resting on a pair of 2X10s. Any advice for the best spacing of these to avoid damage to the hull? I am aware that the trailers are designed to support the weight of the boat along the keel, but that will not make for a very stable position on the hoist. Thanks.

Yesterday, Dee at Flying Scot Inc., very promptly replied to my request for help on this subject (see my recent post on this subject under the "Maintenance, Repair..." forum) To see the document, click this title:

Cradle Storage for the Flying Scot. This one-pager answered my question for the most part with written instructions and diagrams. [ed. FSSA Web Editor]

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Craig Smitham
White Rock Boat Club
Dallas, Texas

FS #1251

HERE is the Cradle Storage Instructions.