Flying Scot Video

Check out the new video at

Be sure to view the capsize drill - really smooth! [:D]


Nice! Even with dated film, that's a very nice addition to the web site ... shows lots of the reasons why we all made a brilliant choice.


Yes, I agree. Some of the film is dated, but it clearly shows what the Scot can do. The web site needed something fresh and this is just the ticket. I hope they continue to expand on this media.[^]


Yes I agree, the FlyingScot video is awesome. The capsize was very impressive and smooth. I have given this much thought after reading how to react/respond to a capsized Scot, But seeing it was very helpful. I don't think it will be so smooth when it happens to me. I think my problem will be getting up on the centerboard if I end up in the water..I saw another video of a girl climbing up from the gunnel using the shrouds and mast as steps and then over the high side to stand on the centerboard as a counter weight.. I do wonder how do they get the floation down from the top of the mast when righted..
I am really looking forward to sailing this year. I feel very lucky to have such a classic boat. Everyone compliments the condition of such and old hull. At first I wanted to race the hull but now I just want to enjoy casual evening and night sailing on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans.. I love taking my honey out under the stars or moonlight, I donno when out there we have the best conversations and laugh about almost topic.

When we capsized, we were at a regatta, so we returned to the dock (not super easy with the bumper tied to the top of the mast) then took the boat out, dropped the mast and removed the bumper.