fast bottoms

The gelcoat on my boat is in good shape, with only a few minor scratches. I'm looking to roll her over next week and fill them all in. After fixing scratches, one would think that a good compounding and then a coat of wax would be a good idea.
The problem is that I have heard that gelcoat that has been waxed is actually slower than one that was not waxed.
So what do you think? What makes the bottom the fastest? I've heard of simply wetsanding, and I have also heard of some other products that should be used rather than wax.

Thanks for your input

From what I understand, the fastest bottom is wet sanded with 400 grit paper. You actually do want a very minor roughness for the intial layer of water to adhere to. The blades should be as smooth as possible, but still no wax.

Fred and Mara Liesegang