Internal vs. external boom outhaul

I will be ordering a new boom very shortly. I must now decide if it is worth while to salvage the parts off of my old boom or to order it complete. Most of the parts are in fine shape. I'm wondering two things. First, what are the advantages of the internal 6:1 outhaul over the external 6:1 outhaul. Second, am I in for any surprises, or difficulties in trying to remove all of my fitting, and installing them on the new boom tube.
I must also consider the fact that my boom is still in usable condition in light air, there is a small hairline crack near the boom vang, and maybe it would be a good idea to keep it intact for possible future use.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

[Quote] First, what are the advantages of the internal 6:1 outhaul over the external 6:1 outhaul...

The internal outhaul uses a ss wire inside the boom. This minimizes stretch, and optimizes the tension applied. It is the standard outhaul used on the Radical Racing package. NB: For this kit the end cap does not have a tab for a turning block. A small turning block is fit into the end of the boom, flush with the track for the sail's foot. There is a shackle attached to the end of the ss wire for attaching to the clew.

The external outhaul is all line. Obviously, some stretch over the internal version is possible. Additionally, as you tighten the outhaul, the line running from the forward set of blocks to the end of the boom stays straight, while the boom itself bends. As you imagine, this "bow-string" pattern is less efficient than the internal wire which conforms to any curvature in the boom. NB: This kit uses the boom cap with a tab.

[quote]Second, am I in for any surprises...

Having easily removed boom fittings before, I would say you will encounter few problems. On the other hand, my favorite rule of thumb is "nothing's easy". Good luck.

Save the old tube for emergencies, but that crack near the boom vang is a sign of snaps to come.

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