changing out chain plates

Am finishing up restoration of #3056. Both chain plates are bent. I don't dare not change them out while the boat is apart. Anyone with experience in doing this job that cares to give any ideas to make the job easier or better?

Are you sure they're bent? Mine looked that way when I first saw them without the shrouds but then I checked out my neighbor's boat and saw it was normal. You're messin' with a critical structural part of the boat, best be sure before you dive in -

The chainplates normally look bent inward. When you attach the stays the chainplates are usually in line with the stays.

I would call Flying Scot, if you have a question. I am sure Harry would be glad to offer answers. If you actually need new chainplates, it probably makes sense to buy them from Harry, as he sends directions and has installed thousands.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

yeah, am pretty sure they're bent. they cock about 20 degrees FORWARD and are crimped on the leading edge. they took a hit somewhere along the line.
any install ideas? i will get them from the factory to keep the boat class legal.

Harry Carpenter and his crew at Flying Scot Inc, would be the ticket. They sell the parts and have the expertise. I have heard that it's not easy.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086