Lifting Bridle

I have always launched from the trailer, but now at a location where using the hoist would often be desirable. I have a web lifting bridle and have run across comments that the bridle must be run over the boom in some fashion to keep the boat from tipping. I am a bit thick and do not grasp the concept. Could any of you guide me with a good description of how to rig the bridle - and any other tips on handling a Scot on the hoist? All other boats I have handled on a hoist had 3 or 4 point lifting systems.

John McLaughlin
Customflex #1554

The bridle attaches to the tabernacle and the rear of the center board. Since the boom is on the center line of the boat while using the crane, otherwise the weight of the boat wouldn't be balanced, the bridle has to go around it. The key is that the bridle goes over the boom, either starboard on the tabernacle and port on the rear of the centerboard or vice versa.

I hope that makes sense.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Before you attach the lifting bridle, have the mast up with the boom attached to the mast and resting on the mast crutch in the center position. Tighten your boom vang to hold the boom firmly in the mast crutch.

One end of your lifting bridle has a bolt and nut fed through a loop. The other end has a shackle attached.

At the tabernacle (under wherer the boom attaches to the mast) look for holes through the wood on either side. Feed the bolt through one hole, through the lifting bridle loop, through the other hole, and hand tighten the nut to the bolt.

Very important: Lead the lifting bridle up one side of the boom ,over the top of the boom and down to the aft of the centerboard trunk. There you will find a tang attached. Secure the lifting bridle to the tang using the shackle.

The boat is ready to be lifted.

The reason for having the boom in place is that it keeps the boat upright when lifted, and makes the two-point bridle system work. If you were to lift the boat without passing the bridle up and over the boom, the boat would flip when lifted. So make sure you always have the bridle going up one side of the boom and down the other.

FSSA Forum editor

Many thanks to those who replied re the lifting bridle - especially Senor Editor. I have had the boat in and out on the lift with no problems.

John McLaughlin
Customflex #1554