I have been following some internet discussion on replacement of foam flotation in racing dinghies and several have mentioned the great difference in water absorbtion by different types of styrofoam. What foam is used under the seats of the FS?

Customflex #1554

My Scot has EPS foam under the side decks. EPS stands for expanded polystyrene. This is the white foam that is made up of many small beads. When you think of your typical white "styrofoam" cup, that is EPS foam.

Technically, Styrofoam is a brand name of another type of foam.

EPS foam is dissolved by contact with polyester resin, but is unaffected by epoxy resin, so be careful about what resin you use for any repairs.

EPS comes in a variety of "weights" which refers to the bead size and density. What weight FS uses is a Harry Carpenter question.

My Scot is a Douglas, built in 1985.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

My hull is #803. I will be sailing with the family more this year
and plan to all flotation in the bow. keep it simple: big blue
dock float and rope it in under the bow. I need to find a solid
fit point. [8D]

Hard Starboard; FS#0803

Take a look at the bow flotation bag that Flying Scot Inc sells. It will give you an idea of size and placement. You may have a hard time adequately supporting a foam block of this size, as it will generate significant bouyancy.

It is my impression that the bag from FS mounts to the keelson, forward of the stanchon, placing it low in the boat, which makes the boat float higher when righted with water onboard.

It may be easier to use the bag kit from FS. Another benefit is that the bag is easy to work around, if you need to get to the toggle. A solid foam block would be hard to get in or out.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086