Age of Boat

The Thistle people are having a fun contest to find the person with the greatest differential between the skipper's age and that of the boat. That is, how much older is your boat than you are? The leader at the moment has a boat that is 16 years older than the skipper. Any Scot entries?[:D]

Customflex #1554

My Scot is only a bit older than I. Its a great boat still - I love it and my newlywed thinks its a blast too. She really loves coming around a point and catching a big wind.

Michael - 1972
FS1909 - 1971

644 is about a year older than me...I was launched in January of '67.

I got my boat beat by a few years

FS1385 1968
Corsa 1957

FS 1385

ah i got the boat beat

FS618 1964
Me 1949!

ps which is in better shape........well that is subjective!

We have heard from several persons who are older than their boat. How about the other direction. Those with boats older than they are!

Customflex #1554

[?]Speaking of the age of Flying Scot. We purchased Hull #381. Can anyone tell me the age of my boat? Thank you.

Bonny & Doug Smith

Ok, how's this?

I'm 1953 and my boat is an '89.

Me: 1953
FS 4592: 1989

36 years differential.

A little depressing...

Fair winds, all,

- Jim Locke
- FS 4592
- Montgomery, Alabama

FS 338 is a member of our club and her skipper seems a bit younger. I however sail 2450 and am not lucky to sail with an "older woman"

FS2450 1974
Captain 1970