Dixie Lakes

Dixie Lakes

The Dixie Lakes District encompasses several fleets in the South that are not on the Atlantic or Gulf Coasts, and span Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

In Georgia we have Lake Lanier in Atlanta. In Tennessee we have Privateer Yacht Club in Hixson. In South Carolina we have Western Carolina Sail Club in Anderson and Keowee Sailing Club in Seneca. In Alabama we have North Central Alabama in Birmingham, Mussel Shoals Sailing Club in Lauderdale and Brown's Creek Sailing Association in Guntersville.

The District Governor is Bob Graves.

The District has a Facebook group here.

There were 34 boats registered for the 2022 Choo Choo Regatta at Privateer Yacht CLub in Tennessee. They had a great weekend with 5 races and some close racing.  Lynn Bruss and crew put on a great event and we should all get this on our travel calendar going forward!  Top 3 teams were Richard Wade and Jim Leonard from Birmingham Sailing Center, Dave Rink and Brian Evans from Lake Norman Yacht Club and Michael Faugust and Jennifer Ikeda from Ephraim Yacht Club and Sarasota... Read More
2023 W-H 5 races done, headed in! Awards as soon as they are ready!
David Schmidt from Sail World interviewed Richard Wade from Birmingham Sailing Club about the 2023 Wife-Husband Championships coming up on 9/29-10/1/2023. Read all about it here: https://www.sail-world.com/news/266564/Richard-Wade-on-the-Flying-Scot-Wife-Husband-Champ
It's not too early to register for the 2023 Wife-Husband Championship at the beautiful Birmigham Sailing Club in Alabama. Come and enjoy some of that sourthern hispitality! The registration information is here. If you're married, sign up, if you're not married, you have time to get married and sign up! Hope to see you there!.
The 2022 Great Scot Regatta was held over the October 1, 2 weekend after Hurricane Ian had passed well East of Birmingham Sailing Club and made its way North of the regatta site.  The storm caused terrible damage where it passed but provided Logan Martin Lake with a fresh Northerly breeze and clear blue skies. The 24 Teams were split into their choice of two fleets and sailed on the same course with separate Starts.  After a brief Postponement of the 1pm first race to allow the... Read More