Dixie Lakes

Dixie Lakes

The Dixie Lakes District encompasses several fleets in the South that are not on the Atlantic or Gulf Coasts, and span Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

In Georgia we have Lake Lanier in Atlanta. In Tennessee we have Privateer Yacht Club in Hixson. In South Carolina we have Western Carolina Sail Club in Anderson and Keowee Sailing Club in Seneca. In Alabama we have North Central Alabama in Birmingham, Mussel Shoals Sailing Club in Lauderdale and Brown's Creek Sailing Association in Guntersville.

The District Governor is Bob Graves.

The District has a Facebook group here.

2023 Wife-Husbands at Birmingham SC is done! 5 races in challenging light to lighter winds.. Congratulations to Nina and Robert Cummings, Championship winners and Kelly and John Bryant, Challenger Winners! Thanks to Birmingham Sailing Club, chair Richard Wade and PROs JD Rosser and Dave Hackney for a great regatta!!! Next year, Atlanta Yacht Club. Results are here: https://www.fssa.com/content/2023-wife-husband-birmingham-sc-al Read More
The sun was shining and it was 80° so we can't complain! We got in 2 four leg W-L races after a postpone and a race abandon. Winds were light and variable, sometimes 5, sometimes 2, but we got spline races done. We thought there might be a third but we're going in for dinner.. watch for results here https://www.fssa.com/content/2023-wife-husband-birmingham-sc-al Read More
Here's a nice write up By Rubin E. Grant in the Over The Mountain Journal about Laura and Huff Jelks and the Wife- Husbands. https://www.otmj.com/fun-on-the-water-inverness-couple-ready-to-set-sail-in-national-regatta/ Read More
We're here at the 2023 Flying Scot Wife-Husband Championship at Birmingham Sailing Club in Alabama. 39 boats are registered and we can’t wait to get out on the water. Richard Wade and his team have been very welcoming, helping each of us set up and be ready to sail - Lake Logan Martin is ready for us!
by Peter Kowalski, FS5349, and Jackie Cattanach, FS5716 Lake Lanier Sailing Club Flying Scot Fleet 111 held its 9th Scot-A-Hoochee regatta on Sept 24 and 25, 2022. (Lake Lanier is an Army Corps impoundment of the Chattahoochee River, hence the name for the regatta.). Fifteen Scots were registered and the 14 that sailed were on the starting line Saturday hailing from five states (GA, TN, AL, SC and NC). Ben Williams and Deb Aaronson (FS6144) traveled the farthest, from Eastern North Carolina... Read More