Want to buy very good condition Flying Scot - day sailing and beginner racing

I'm hoping to find a Scot that doen't need a lot of work and upgrades to be ready for beginning racing and family day sailing.  I would be happy with an older boat as long as it is in very nice shape.

You may want to add where you live or sail, and how far you are willing to travel for a boat.  Check out the Caveat Emptor page on this site.  A local fleet can also help you find a good boat.Welcome to the Flying Scot! 

I would consider traveling around 300 miles for a boat. I live in Greensboro, NC.

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I have 2 Scots for sale They are older boats that have been re habed I have been sailing one for 3 years and done very well with it (6 th in the Conn NA's) the other I just finished. ( Sold )Both are race rigged with trailer and a set of Mad sails and a north chute.
I want $6500 for either one.
Ron @     regattafam@aol.com
941 358 3101 or  941 704 1572