Triple Console Question

i just upgraded to a boat with the triple console.  It controls the vang, topping lift and cunningham, from front to back, on the console.
Is this the standard arrangement?  
To me, the vang is a control that is held and controlled by the skipper, and if it's windy, I like to have the tail of the vang sheet, draped over my knee, as we go upwind.  The cunningham and topping lift seem like controls that the crew might control, almost as much as the skipper.
I get it, that the whole console is only 6" long, so what's the big deal?
The vang and Cunningham lines run down the port side of the trunk, and the topping lift down the starboard.
So, have people switched the vang, and cunningham?  This seems like it makes sense, and it puts the vang in the spot closest to the skipper.  I understand I may need to move the turning blocks on the trunk, but I may already have to do that anyway, as the console is mounted slightly aft on my boat and I plan to move it forward, so that the current front holes in the trunk cap are the rear screw holes.
(The previous owner had the console mounted further back, as he didn't use a Waco for the centerboard.  I had the Waco on my last boat, and I want to make room for it.)
Give me your opinion!
Happy New Flying Scot Year!
Phil Scheetz
FS 5919
Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

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On my Scot, the vang is closet aft, topping lift in the middle and the cunningham on the forward set. This is how it came from the factory in 2003. I also have the Waco for the centerboard. I hope this helps.

 I think that setup makes sense.  That is probably how I will set it up.