Trailer Dimensions

Can anyone please provide dimensions to their trailer?  I am looking at a used one (galv. steel) the length is fine (20.5') but it may be a little wide - 86" between fenders, 102" outside.  The Scot is 84" so it can sit lower in the bed - which is probably better.  My current trailer - which may be too small - seems to be just slightly wider than my boat.  I am thinking that the wider trailer is advantageous as a step for climbing in.Thanks in advance.

 My trailer frame is 17 feet  x 4 feet  And of course the wheels and fenders stick out much farther. I think you could make this work. There are a few things to think about .  Haveing a slightly shorter  trailer helps in launching . You can launch in very shallow water . I have launched mine in my yard.  Having a long trailer could  give you more tounge weight since there will be less boat hanging over the rear side of the wheels.  You will want to make sure you have center wheels , Most of the boats weight should  be carried on the center wheels . My boat also has carpeted bunkers the bunkers well help keep your boat level and help to carry some of the weight. My boat also has two guied rollers on the back ,helps keep boat centered to the trailer for loading and launching.  I think yo could use rollers instead of bunkers, but if you do use several sets to help carry some of the hulls weight.  I am no expert but hope this helps.     In the parking lot I use a two step ladder to enter and exit boat during setup. 

This is helpful, thanks.  The trailer has an adjustable axle mounting point so it can be moved fwd or aft to adjust hitch weight.  Also, the design of it is to have the boat sit lower in the trailer - more between the wheels rather than above - so launching in shallow ramps is supposedly easier because the boat is closer to the water level.  Is your frame 17' from hitch to the farthest point aft?  Also, how wide is the outside fender measurement?  Just curious but if you can check, that could be pretty informative.I just checked your pics.  Very clean boat.  Inside looks great.  My current trailer is similar to yours - I wonder if redoing the bunks - wider and longer and tuning up the rollers might be all I need...Thanks again!JHS

The 17 ft is from the hitch to the end of the trailer ,   Inbetween the fenders is 54 inches outside the fenders is 65 inches . over all the boat is wider then the trailer.     here is the before pictures and during the resteration ,my boat is now a differant color the gel coat in those pictures never harden  ( hardner was out of date, supplier covered all the material)  ,I had to re- do the whole boat again ,didn't re-take all the pictures.  Now you can see why I launced my boat in my yard .  Scott