Time to renew, and get the red sticker

You too can get a red 2013 member sticker!  If you have not yet renewed your 2013 membership, take a minute and do it online.  Happy Holidays!

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I've never recieved a Class Sticker...Do they really send those out?

See your fleet captain

It is my impression that they have traditionally been distributed in the spring to fleet captains.

Mine came in the mail after renewing this year.  A few years back they considered discontinuing them, but it was reversed after guys like me, who want to cover the entire transom at some point, made some noise.

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

What if I don't have a fleet?

I sail on a lake without an organized fleet. How do I get my sticker?  Also, how do I get stickers from previous years?


I would contact Courtney at FSSA.  If you click "contact us" at the bottom of the webpages, it will go to Courtney.  I would imagine she can mail you one.  Not sure what happens for previous years.  I added them to the boat transome in each of the previous years. Of course all this presumes you have joined or renewed. Did you renew online?



Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Yes. I've renewed online for

Yes. I've renewed online for many years. I will take your suggestion and contact Courtney.