Tang? and bridal

I need to install a lifting point on the rear of the centerboard trunk. I the par im looking for called a tang?
If not what is it and is it on the Scot store parts list?
Does anyone have measurements for a lifting bridle?
Distance from tabernacle to ring and ring to rear of the trunk?

540100 on Scot store.

I have one at the house...I will measure tonight and let you know.  

I also might try to borrow one at the clubs the races are held at as I won't be using a lift at any other time.

And it's a great icebreaker to get to know people.  My first race where I needed a bridle was at Monmouth and the Nociolos were so nice.  When I got home, I realized what the bridle was that I received with my boat.  By the way, the Monmouth Boat Club Full Moon Regatta is in June, and I think they still offer first-time skippers a free registration...
Good fun, and a great place to learn a lot.

I have complete confidence in a 8000 pound lifting strap tied with a over hand on a bight it figure eight on a bight to create the lifting point.
But borrowing maybe easier for now.
 I'm looking the mbc memorial day weekend or Shrewsbury regattas.

totally forgot to get you the info....so you still need it?

My friend just bought a Scot and it came w/ 2 so I'm good.