Storage bins

I found the Rubbermaid dish pans used for the storage lockers, so I bought a couple. Does anyone know the size of the screws that are appropriate to use? Also, I could use info on the size, shape, and location of the opening to cut in the bin. Finally, should the bins get drain holes?
If anyone has some good photographs, that might help me as well.
Thank you,
Chris Rogers

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Look under your deck and you may find that no screws are necessary. On some of the older Flying Scots there are fiberglass holders on the under sides of the deck that hold the bins on. Cut the corners so that you can slide them on. I usually drill some 1/8" holes at the bottom corners to let any water out but they usually remain dry as they are under the deck. For the opening itself, I use a 3" hole saw and cut two holes on the side and then cut the remaining section out and then file the edge smooth. It's an easy project.For further information,