Seeking a used centerboard

Last weekend (during our first sail of the Summer), we lost our centerboard to the bottom of lake Champlain! It had apparetly broken at the hole where the ears attach, because the rollers and cable were all still firmly attached.
A new centerboard will cot nearly $1,200... far too much for me at this point in time.
Any thoughts about where I might find a used centerboard?
Hopefully in the Northeast in order to avoid shipping.
Or are there boat salvage yeards that would be worth calling?

Sometimes Harry at Flying Scot has used boards.  The Wife Husband is next weekend at Deep Creek.  As a result there may be boats from New England going to the area of the Factory.  Maybe someone can throw a board in their boat, van or truck, who is coming back to New England.
Call Harry or Dee, and see what they have.  If you find a board from them, contact me, and I can probably connect you to someone who is able to bring it back at least part way.  I live in eastern PA, but I think there are also boats from the Boston area going.

Since we are going to the Wife-Husband Championships this weekend, we have the opportunity to pick up the used board from Harry and bring it home with us to New England. Timing is everything!