Sailing Your Flying Scot by Moonlight


Have you ever sailed your Flying Scot in the moonlight? It is an extraordinary experience to be on your boat at night with just the moonlight and Mother Nature to guide you. Our club, Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, MA, organizes two of these events a year, and although it is always a blast being out there with others, it does not need to be an organized or group event. You’ll want to do this on a night that has as close to a full moon as possible to get the best results. You’ll also want to pick a nice clear night with a little wind, not a totally becalmed night or a night with too much wind to handle in the daytime! Take your fiends because you will want to share this adventure. There are some safety considerations of course. Make sure you have red and green bow light and a white stern lights. And - wear life jackets/PFDs while in the boat – you may not need them but why take a chance? Extra flashlights are a good idea in case something is dropped in the water. Are you ready to give it a try? There is nothing like a nice clear fall evening and a Harvest moon to sail by. You won’t regret it. And after you have had your excellent adventure, take some time to share it with your other Flying Scot buddies – send a story for the FSSA website and/or Scots ‘n Water. We’d love to hear about it!