Orchard Lake Country Club in Michigan Expands Sailing Program with Flying Scots!

Orchard Lake Country Club in Orchard Lake, Michigan, made a decision to expand its fleet of boats in 2020 to replace their fleet of Y Boats. They offer  many amenities to their members, but they note that the Waterfront/Sailing Center is an "essential area of the Club that contributes in a tangible way to the value of membership here at Orchard Lake Country Club. The continued refinement and stewardship in this area of the Club will only further enhance the value of being part of the OLCC family tradition for generations to come".

Their criteria for choosing the boats was:

"• Complete stability in all conditions. • Competitive design with established fleets. • Self- bailing. • Adjustable centerboard ballasted/kick up rudder. • Room for up to five/six adult passengers. • Sit inside/on deck option cockpit for comfort and safety. • Simple balanced sail plan in all conditions - spinnaker compatible. • Simple maintenance - excellent availability of parts and sails. • Proven pedigree of construction. • Family friendly."

Of course, our boat meets so many of these criteria and has so much to offer!  Several boats were demoed, from both domestic and foreign builders, and each was considered based on the above criteria.  It does not suprise us that the Flying Scot® was chosen! Our builder, Tyler Andrews, worked with them and delivered a Flying Scot® to them in May 2020.  Tyler and Flying Scot®, Inc., won the bid and got an order for several more Flying Scots® for 2021. Bruce Lilley from OLCC is stoked about what our class has to offer and is ready to get involved. One of the goals they have for 2021 is to "Join the Flying Scot Association a new fleet",

They'd like to host an event at their club so that would be awesome! Here's an excerpt from their year end newsletter:

"Flying Scot – Delivery was in May with the manufacturer and President of the company Tyler Andrews, present to rig and familiarize the staff with the platform. Tyler sailed with members for two full days and the boat has been extensively used by our members since. It has shown itself to be a multifaceted boat that checks all the boxes in the brief which was submitted to the Sailing Committee and the Board of Governors in the fall of 2020. It is the recommendation of the Waterfront/ Sailing Director to move forward with replacing the Y fleet with the Flying Scot. It is further recommended that the Club place the initial three boat order before the end of September to ensure a place in the production line and timely delivery in the spring."

Congratulations to Tyler and Flying Scot., Inc.®, for a job well done! We sure do have the best builder!