Non skid

Is the stock non skid tape for the fore and aft deck sufficient grip ?  
I re-painted my boat and have no non skid and want to either paint on non skid with griptex or add the tape.  The tape I see at the Marine stores does not seem very coarse / grippy.  And then others feel like it would rip a few layers iof skin off if you slid on it.   Also, does the tape last or does it come undone after time ?

The standard tape lasts indefinitely when adhering to gel coat. As for how well it will stick with paint inbetween depends on how well applied the paint is. 
In other words, the tape is not the issue as it will stick to whatever it is applied to for many years, possibly the life of the boat, never seen it unglue from gel coat on the 5 Scots over the years in this family. How well the paint adheres to the deck is the question. If the tape comes up, it will take paint with it.