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Lake Dunmore in Vermont is a place we would like to sail our Scot. The public access ramp is fine and has a small dock.  It puts you into a small, protected cove.  From there you have to navigate a very narrow (10 feet?) wide cut in the point to access the lake.We would prefer not to have a motor if at all possible.Will this access be possible?  I figure we can use a paddle or pole maybe?  Any ideas? Here is the spot.

Certain wind directions will force you to paddle, but it looks like you would be able to sail in and out most of the time, assuming it's deep enough to get the centerboard at least half-way down. I have to navigate a 35' opening where I sail and I don't have a motor on my boat. Most of the time, I can sail in and out.GregFlying Scot #1087,-86.343806&spn=0.0017... 

Thanks Greg.  We will pratice a bit more then give it a try. sam

Hi - sorry I didn't see your question in the other forum.  You may wish to sail on Bomoseen, which has more lake to sail.  A good launch is the "Float Bridge" launch on the northwest shore.  Small dock, concrete ramp.We're out most Saturdays and Friday evenings after work (also quite a few Sundays).  Hopefully, we'll see you out there this summer! (The contact info you asked for is in reply to your other post),

Thanks Mark!  We have been sailing Lake St. Catherine so far but will give the float bridge ramp a try soon.  Bomoseen seems the better lake if we can manage the ramp and dock traffic.   With an infant we are slow ;)