Mooring Maintenance

We just purchased a used Flying Scot and are mooring it for the summer.  We are new to the sport and having a lot of fun with it.  
Silly question, we purchased it refurbished with bottom paint.  Do we need to do any type of maintenance on the boat between now and when we remove it at the end of the summer?  Thanks.  

The answer depends somewhat on salt or fresh water...

Thanks.  It is moored in a freshwater lake.

In our lake the boats get an algae buildup.  Some of the racers take a dip and clean it off, and at the end of the season, they use a pressure washer to clean.

Thank you!

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Not a bottom paint comment, but someone (I believe it was Harry C.) here suggested attaching the spinnanker halyard to the bow handle and snugging it up. Keeps the main from slamming against the stays when the boat gets hit by motorboat wakes.