Mooring Cover, Tent-style, Never used!

I have a brand new blue tent-style mooring cover that came with my Scot. The previous owner bought it several years ago and never used it; I only dry sail and already have a trailer cover.
There is no label on the cover that I can find, but it came to me in a FS box and it appears to be identical to the cover sold by Flying Scot for $395 pictured here:
Asking $275, shipping included!

Please contact me if it's still available.

I'm interested in buying this.  How can I get in touch?  Thanks.
Here's my email (hopefully protected from getting picked up for spam): jcmenegakis at yahoo dot com

The cover is still available. I just e-mailed both of you with my contact information. Sorry for the slow response, the forum's "you have a reply" message wound up in my spam folder.