Mast wear from halyard

I purchased a Flying Scot-3162 this Fall. Too late to get it into the water so have been a few minor things while in the garage.
I do have some concern about the mast.
The jib halyard enters the mast above the winch and over the years has worn a groove in the mast. Not having seen another FS I am not sure if this is considered normal.
Also the foot of the mast has a slight flare that appears to have occured when the mast may have swung sideways  during stepping. Just wondering if this can be bend back to a more proper position.

The groove that is created by the jib halyard is normal.  The mast base can be reinforced with a collar from Flying Scot Inc.  It's one of those things, where if you think you need it, you probably do.
Contact Tyler at FS Inc, and send him some pics.