Leak at Keel 20" forward of Center Stanchion.

Hello,I have found a leak entering at Keel.  The water appears about an inch up on the keel "ridge"  Only when crew is in the boat.  When boat has no crew members in it, this must be floating above the waterline.  I cannot see any "hole" in the fiberglass coating.  There appears to be a lump under the fiberglass coating here that looks like a factory fastener.  Is that a throughbolt holding the two halves of the keel together?My question is how I might plan to effect a proper repair?This is for good boat number 3430.

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I would suggest that you contact the Flying Scot factory directly.  They are a excellent source of information and can help you out.

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Thanks for the suggestions.   I tested my theory that the leaks came from the bow stem screws, by covering them with tape and saling.  We only got a cup of water in instead of 3 gallons.  Removed the metal stem trim and noted that 3/4" screws had been used below the water line.  Harry Carpenter said they always use 1/2" screws below the water line, and suggested I repair holes with JB weld epoxy and set new screws.  Did as Harry suggested and all leaks are gone.  What a great boat.