Kentucky Lake Sailing Club

The Kentucky Lake Sailing Club (KLSC) is a non-profit membership organization that promotes sailing in the Kentucky Lake region. We help people learn to race, take part in educational experiences and cruises, hold socials, and cooperate with other organizations that encourage and promote sailing. KLSC has a rich history dating back to 1953 when the first regatta was held on Kentucky Lake. We have many sailing events each season, as well as non-sailing activities such as pig roasts, the occasional cruise to area restaurants or clubs for brunch or dinner, raft-ups, cookouts, and the big social events each year - the annual breakfast in the spring and dinner in the fall.


Funding: We are funded primarily through membership dues, sponsorships, and event fees. The Board of Directors sets the membership dues at the Jan/Feb meeting. Dues income is used to fund the operations of the club. The events on the schedule for which there is a fee charged generally result in some extra income for the club. The income from dues and events is used to cover printing, mailing, liability insurance, various operational expenses, promote the club, purchase supplies and equipment needed for the events (marks, flags, etc), and social events and dinners. Extra income at the end of each year, if any, is retained as an emergency fund in case membership or events do not cover expenses in a particular year. 

Governance: We are governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of nine (9) Sustaining Members plus the immediate Past-Commodore for a total of 10 Directors. Directors are elected to a three year term to fill open positions at the annual meeting held the first weekend of November. The Board of Directors elects a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer who serve a one-year term.  The Board typically has 4 meetings during the year:

1 - Nov/Dec after the annual meeting - end of year review and determine the schedule of events for the following year

2 - Jan/Feb - elect officers, finalize the schedule and assign chairpersons to each event, determine the dues for the year, make other plans as appropriate

3 - May - mid year review

4 - Aug - prepare for annual meeting, appoint nominating committee

Board meetings are open to the membership unless otherwise indicated. The Directors are not compensated for their work.

Location: As an organization of sailors in the Kentucky Lakes area, the KLSC is not a yacht club and do not have a physical building or office. The base for our activities is usually Lighthouse Landing Marina in Grand Rivers, KY, 42045 (Map).