Jiffy Reef Layout

I've used a jiffy reef for my Scot for years - it's a necessity where I sail.  I've decided after 15 years that I don't like the FS designed reef block at the aft end of the boom ( it takes me a while ! ).  Although the FS design meets class requirements, it does not allow the reef line to run smoothly - it creates a lot of weird angles and friction.
I'm not a competitive racer so I'm going to bend the rules for this one thing - I want to add a small cheek block aft on the boom and on the opposie side I want to add a dead-end for the reef line.  I will leave all else the way FS' spec is.
My question
Does anyone have it rigged this way and what Harken cheek block, with SS base, is used for this ? 

I added a couple of small links between the reef block and the boom to allow the block to turn freely and not bind. That is all I needed, you may want give this a try before going further.