Jib sheet

Any thoughts on trying the jib sheet off with a hard knot eight inches or so back from the crew for better up wind speed?

Can you state your question in more detail?  Not sure what you mean.  There are several permitted setups for jib sheets.  Seems the most popular for racers are the "seat cleats".  This keeps the rail very clear to fine tune your weight and crew fore and aft slightly.

I've been doing that for years! Works for me!

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I think the question being asked is regards to the jib sheet at the clew of the jib. The sheet is tied with a knot 6-8" from the clew, or for those have 2:1 jib sheets, similar setup but with the small blocks on a bridle. This allows the jib to have a better trim angle and for cross sheeting in moderate to heavy air.

Yes, I do that too.

Yes 5516
From the clew