How to turn on deck ?

 What's the best way to turn a Scot on its deck from the trailer ?  The centerboard is already out.  Is it just a matter of manpower ?I need to do some upside down fiberglassing ( glass the foam back into place )How much does the Scot weigh without centerboard and with all else removed too - ? 

You need about five strong guys. At the factory, they rolled the boat with a large tire (w/o rim) located so that the chainplate is in the center of the tire as the boat goes over. From there they place a very sturdy support under the bow eye, and two under each corner of the transom. These were well padded and roughly followed the deck contour. There was also a pad over the tire to prevent black marks on the boat.

I think the boat is around 675 lbs without the board.

Be careful not to bend the chainplates over.

 Sounds good.  I'll get a few tires.       The trailers are shallow launch trailers so I simply launced it in the yard , I did not have hooked up to the car. Then with pads on two 4x4s 3 of us rolled it up on one side while one person on the otherside,  We brought it up to the balance point, then 3 went to the other side then lowered it to the ground. Then I transfered it onto dollys ,to move boat around while working on it. I was thinking of doing this on the trailer but I know now it would have been to high. . You can make up some bunks to set your boat on as well.  For you I installed my foam blocks last after boat was all done . I tapped up the straps and wedged the foam then  fiberglassed in two seperate applications It may not be picture perfect but it worked.