how to store a removable outboard motor onboard while racing with floatation bags in bow

Hello FS sailors, 
I have a small, 1.2 hp outboard motor that measures 36inches long, 20 inches deep and about 12 inches wide. It weighs about 24 lbs. I want to stow it onboard rather than keeping it on the stern while class racing.  I'm told that the weight would be better forward rather than underneath in the back, yet things are pretty tight stowing the motor lengthwise in the bow what with the bow floatation bag there.  Does anybody have ideas as to how and where to stow this motor onboard while racing?  Can it be stowed attached some way horizontally in front of the flywheels for the keel and spinn. takeup reel?  Any drawings or photos of fixes or ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.  Skip Wilson FS 4812.