Hoist for Repairing Flying Scot

My wife bought me a chain fall hoist for Christmas rated at 3 tons.  I have two 16" red oaks 12' apart on level ground.  Why not create a "beam" to suspend the hoist and use the bridle to lift the FS off the trailer for repairs such as shimming the CB trunck, Gel Coat gouges, etc.
My first thought was a 5 1/2" Parlam Beam resting on Angle Iron "shelf fixed to the oak with through bolts.  But leaving the engineered wood beam in the rain for the next 30 years....
My next idea was to purchase a 2"x10" steel tube section and again bolt ot shelf and tree, but that is going to look like this iron contraption in our front yard for the next 30 years....
How about a 3/8" galvanized steel cable 7/19 rated at 14,000 tensile (60% value for shear: 8,400lb) with 3 ton working load snap hook pulley to bear on the cable and suspend the chainfall hoist.  Cable can terminate at galvanized thimbles and eye bolts, triple swaged ends.   This way when not in use it only appears as a 3/8" cable 14' up in the air.
The pro way would be to build a tube steel supported structure in the back of the property, (imagine a big swinig set), but I think this will break the budget.
Our club has 7 flying scots and no way to hoist any of them for maintenance.

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Build the structure at the club and loan the club your hoist.