Flying Scot for Sale - FS3611

I purchased this boat in March 2011. Douglass Flying Scot. Built in 1980. I sailed this 2011, very little 2012 and three times in 2013. Selling since I just don't seem to get out on it very much. Below are the details provided to me by the previous owner.FS3611 was manufactured 1980-1981. Price is $4,200 Hull is red. Deck is off-white/cream. You're welcome to bring someone along to tap the hull and deck. I have found no soft spots. Three sets of sails. North main and jib need some repair. If racing competitively, new sails will be on the list. I purchased used sails in 2012.Shore spinnaker in good condition. New tapered spinnaker pole in 2008. I never used either of these.Regulation safety buoyancy bag installed in bow and drainage port in stern. 2005 - centerboard gasket replaced. 2006 - spinnaker haylard system installed on centerboard trunk 2007 - standing rigging and halyards replaced, hardware from Flying Scot Store. 2009 - new harken jib sheet blocks 2010 - new mooring cockpit cover (Sailor's Taylor)Trailer is manufactured by Tee-Nee specifically for Flying Scot. Trailer frame condition is solid. Wheel bearings have low mileage, as I and the previous owner only trailer to lake and back once a year. Tires will need to be replaced if planning for highway travel - about $120 total for tires+wheels from Flying Scot. 

Wanted to see if the boat was still available/  I looked at one this weekend but to many holes in the hull.  Please let me know and i can drive out to take a look.  David
908 230 2208