Flying Scot #84 - Historical Find in Adirondack Boathouse

Friends have Flying Scot #84 (1957 first year of production) stored in their Adirondack boathouse on Big Moose Lake near Eagle Bay, NY..  The boat was well maintained when used but has been stored under cover dry for decades.  Hull and Deck are sound, woodwork is in excellent shape,  all parts are there, hardware is dated - probably original (were capstans used on the original boats for main, and jib?)  They are currently looking for a way to find a good home for this piece of Flying Scot history.  In trying to help them out, what would be the best way for them to sell the boat?

you can list the boat on the Caveat Emptor, on this site.  There is a fee, $65, if I recall correctly, but it will get the widest notice to Scot class.
there are the free options, like Craigslist.
Feel free to call me if you have questions, I have sold a Scot recently, and know a lot about them.

Thanks Phil, Since the sellers are not FSSA members, will they have access to Ceveat Emptor?  I suppose I could do it for them but I don't want to complicate things by being a middleman.

i checked, the fee is $60, and it appears that you need to be a member to list.  Maybe you could list for them or have them reach out to FSSA, about whether there is a way for them to list it.

I recently bought #96, also in good shape but with antique hardware.  I'd be interested in knowing how this sale went and how the new owners are using the boat.