Floatation Bag Replacement?

Ok, my bow floatation air bag went flat.  It was ripped at the seam on the starboard side - the side we store our spin pole and paddle.   I ordered a new bag and now I am wondering if a bag cover would be a good investment.  The cost of a bag cover is 2 times the cost of a replacement bag.  So, what do you other club racers think?   Will new bags take some abuse or should I place an order for a cover? 

I just replaced mine and I'm glad I ordered the cover too. The new cover is heavy duty and has the straps built right into it so I'm confident it will remain secure and protect the bag from the inevitable poking that occurs from the pole, boom storage, etc.
Mike M

I ordered the bag cover.  It makes sense.  We stow our pole and paddle under the bag so the bag takes some abuse.  That is probably why the old one went flat!  I heard that new Scots come with a bag cover as an original equipment item.  So, the bag cover has been ordered.  Thanks for your reply.